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The Cybernaut team of specialists accompanies and advises you in the choice of your computer and communications equipment. Depending on your needs, deadlines, expected performance and your budget, they offer you a personalized solution, vector of innovation.

Cybernaut relies on the know-how of our team at Devicom, an essential ally in the realization of your projects. Our business analysts have been with you every step of the way for many years.

The experience of Cybernaut joins the expertise of DEVICOM!


  • Advice and guide on equipment choices
  • Direct contact and negotiation with suppliers
  • Rental and financing plans
  • License Management and renewal
  • Warranty management
  • Defect equipment management
Let us analyze your needs!


Do you need a workstation, a complete “server solution”, a unified communication system or an intuitive videoconferencing system? We have a wide range of high-performance equipment to meet both small and large volume requirements.

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Desktop computers
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All kinds of screens
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Custom servers
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Wireless access point
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Specialized wiring
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This list is just the tip of our list of the variety of our equipment. We are able to provide you with adapted and specialized equipment for your activities. 


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We offer a type of computer dedicated to the type of Remote Desktop Service (RDS) connection. The business analyst who will contact you will ask you technical questions to clarify your needs.

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Our business analyst will refer you to printer specialists for medium and large companies.
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Devicom has developed several business partnerships over the years to offer you the best in the market at competitive prices. Here are our big partners!

Hardware suppliers

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