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The perinity of an organization is largely dependable on the ability to optimize the resources. Devicom will help you through your process of optimization, which inevitably includes a digital transformation, planned and adapted to the mission of your organization.

The competitiveness of a company depends on its commitment in applying a continuous improvement process in regards of all aspects of the organization.

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Our experienced experts can work with your IT teams to fully understand the issues, clarify the roles and priorities of your organization, and to elaborate a strategic plan of action.

ICT Accompanying

Renowned by their high level of expertise in technology with small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large enterprises, our team is at your disposal for the management of your IT infrastructures.

For an evolution plan, new infrastructure, security or a failure diagnosis, we master every situations.

IT and 4.0 Audits

The audit enables us to elaborate, with the enterprise, a plan to achieve their strategic objectives.

Concrete projects are then proposed to promote certain aspects of the operations, resources management, client experience and automation.

DRP Plan

Ready to deal with a system breakdown?

A business must be able to quickly restore certain essential applications to insure the proper functioning of its many operational processes.

The recovery strategy varies according to each business requirements.

IT Infrastructure

Whether you have the need to plan further ahead, a lack of resources, or physical space constraint, we will give you the possibility to innovate while giving the time to focus on your business opportunities.

Cloud and infrastructure

The “Private data center” operated by Devicom offers a versatile solution for your data. It gives you the advantages of a private cloud hosting without the drawbacks.

You can also opt for a colocation of servers in our two secure vaults and enjoy the benefit of a reliable, evolutionary and secure cloud infrastructure.

Let us analyze your needs!

Cyber security

Today more than ever, you need a strategy for intelligible security, which evolves simultaneously with the evolution of digital opportunities and threats.

From the consultation and analysis, to the implementation and content management, we are with you through every step of the way to give you peace of mind.

Have your risk assessed by our experts!

Unified communication

Create a transparent and fluid connection amongst your various platforms and optimize your productivity as well as your team efficiency wherever you are.

We offer a deployment plan adapted to your reality in order to reduce your costs in communications as well as providing a full report and history of the activities.

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Web hosting

Our web hosting service is hassle-free, and your website will be hosted in a secure, reliable and conform standards infrastructures.

Whether you need a small space for the site of your hockey team or a larger space for your company’s web site with multiple databases, we have the adequate hosting package for you.

4 different packages are offered to you

Digital transformation

Transfer to the automation of your processes and to the demonstrated effectiveness of digital resources management methods.

New interconnecting technologies between men and hardware create intelligence in the manufacturing systems. This revolution presents many new challenges for businesses. We will support you in the process of your digital transformation by joining our expertise to your own, thus allowing to distinguish your organization in your business sector and facilitating the achievement of your goals.

Industry 4.0 - Traceability - Internet of objects - Internet through light (LiFi) - ERP - CRM
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