Three decades of innovation

Founded in 1989, Devicom specializes in communication technologies, research and development of new technologies and in development strategies for custom-made solutions.

ISO 9001: 2015 certified, DEVICOM has gained notoriety thanks to its’ experienced team of professionals in communication and information technologies (ICT) including various complementary competences. 

DEVICOM specializes in network security, client system architecture support and innovative integration processes in technology, which were developed for large industries and later adapted for small and medium industries. 


Combine expertise, creativity and quality services in a global strategic approach, to support our customers achieve their objectives in innovation, growth and performance. Make IT an ally!


To be positioned as the reference in technology integration, allowing small and medium industries of Quebec to be accompanied in the elaboration of their projects, enabling them to make more informed investments in IT. 


Innovate | Grow | Perform 
Through their desire to innovate and develop new horizons, DEVICOM must constantly innovate. The ability to measure oneself drives us to perform better, DEVICOM is more than a supplier, it is a partner.

Pioneers in Harmocracy

DEVICOM is one of the pioneers in daring to transition to a “self-governed liberated” management model based on the power of harmony and collective intelligence.

More than ever, today’s management models must be adapted to new generations, their expectations and their aspirations. This managerial philosophy guarantees motivation, involvement and commitment, valorization and enrichment of talents while promoting a collectivism where each one helps the other to improve… The power of harmony.

Our values : Harmony

As our values at DEVICOM are intrinsically linked to harmony, to the collaboration and complementarity of our employees, our corporate structure is therefore directly related to harmocracy and its values.

L'Harmonie Devicom


  • Know-how to be
  • Know-how to do
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Rigor

Common passion

  • Team spirit
  • Common good
  • Sharing of knowledge


  • Synergy of ideas
  • Synergy of approaches
  • Synergy of opinions

Devicom products and services

  • Innovation
  • Continuity
  • Quality

Devicom has won
The most prestigious distinction

Presented by the government of Quebec for the quality of their management and for its overall performance at the trade show of best business practices in 2018!

Business partners

DEVICOM has developed several partnerships over the years to offer you optimal strategic solutions in several sectors of activity.