Visibility strategy

Several tools are available to help increase your presence and visibility on the Web… but which one to choose!?

An effective strategy will help you target the places you need to be on the Web, establish the best budget and the best strategies to achieve your goals.

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A good SEO strategy will allow you to position your website favorably when internet users are searching on the Web, and to reach users that are looking for what you have to offer.

An effective SEO will therefore help to increase your visibility for a wider spectrum of customers that matches your market or area of expertise, as well as your chances of increasing your income through the sales that it will generate.

referencing (SEO)

A natural referencing strategy is important to allow search engines to find you, in a natural (or organic) way. It will improve your visibility on the Web in addition to obtaining, or keeping, a good “e-reputation”!

Paid referencing (Google Ads)

Paid referencing is the ideal complement to a good SEO strategy and helps to strengthen your position. It allows you to place yourself with the best expressions (or keywords) for users that are looking for products or services in your field.


In order to understand the habits of your customers and to ensure that you invest time and money in the right place, you must be able to understand and control your various statistics, both those from your website and from your web advertising campaigns. Knowing your statistics will help you create winning marketing strategies and maximize your budget.

Our accompaniment

  • Optimize your Google tools
  • Provide statistical reports of your website
  • Analyze the results of your advertising campaigns
  • Manage your different campaigns on the Web

Competitive intelligence

DEVICOM offers a competitive intelligence service that allows you to analyze and understand the actions of your competitors. You will then be able to find new opportunities and protect yourself from potential threats. Understanding your competitors and their strategies, as well as the behavior of Internet users, will help you position yourself better to achieve your goals.

Monitoring of your competitors

Internal and external growth operation.
Identifying new partnerships.
Innovation and new products and services.
Arrival of new players on the market.