Information systems

Online commerce, commonly known as “E-Commerce”, has become an essential business solution for the survival of organizations. It allows the company to remain visible to customers and to expand sales from local to international level. As a result, businesses that are slow to make the move lose ground and are breathless before the starting line when having to race against online giants. The stakes are high! 

That’s why Devicom strives to help its customers assert their position and remain competitive through a strong presence on the Web. Accompanied by our specialists, we will guide you through the process of developing a global strategic planning of your digital marketing and you will finish the process with creative sales tools (transactional tools, online ordering, tracking packages shipped), ergonomic and safe. 

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Application development

Our team design, develop and improve applications that serve to propel your business to new heights. These applications are developed to fit different smart devices, cellphones and tablets. They will optimize your processes and allow you to operate your business more efficiently.

Custom application development

Application modernization

Ergonomics and UX

Corporate Portal

Internet development

Maintenance application

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Design & Content

Communicating well is at the heart of our business. That’s why our team is composed of diverse experts in communication in order to perform in every situation. Your message or branding must be unique, impactful, creative and above all, effective. 

Our designers work with our editors to make the most of the market and business opportunities. Whether for blog posts, social networks or commercials, professional content editing will develop the customer experience towards your business. 

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Digital display

Integration of digital signage is the ideal tool for restaurant menus, online catalogs and even online monitoring of your building through security cameras. 

Simple and customizable management

Dynamic and interactive

Free application

Up to 5 screens (simultaneously or individually)

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